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We are very pleased to offer Companion Therapy Laser by LiteCure LLC at Northwestern Veterinary Hospital.

We are seeing the benefits of this non-invasive treatment in our patients and our own personal pets.

Companion Therapy Laser – A Brief Explanation

  • Laser Therapy increases circulations, which reduces pain and inflammation.
  • Laser Therapy reduces pain by stimulation an endorphin release.
  • Laser Therapy excites the energy carrier in the cell (the ATP) to heal the cells in 1/3 to 1/2 the normal healing time.
  • Laser Therapy only acts on abnormal cells and does nothing to normal cells so over treating deep tissue on a pet is not a worry.
  • Laser Therapy treats inflammation, pain and/or acute trauma.
  • Laser Therapy treats chronic conditions which cause pain, stiffness and resulting loss of mobility.
  • Laser treatments are cumulative and one one builds upon another. Generally, one treats a pet with a series of treatments for the best effect.
  • You may see radical improvement after one treatment but generally several treatments are required to gain the maximum effects especially for chronic conditions.

Please schedule a consultation with your Veterinarian to see if your pet’s condition can be improved with Laser Therapy.