Waiting Room Requirements are for Everyone’s Safety

Pets, like people, are individuals and each have their own personality. Some personalities clash and individual personality traits become apparent during different situations.

Being a hospital, not all pets are in our waiting room for the same reasons. Some are here for routine vaccinations and are excited or relaxed, maybe one just had a treatment and feels a bit nervous and defensive.

Our waiting room can also become very busy, filled with pets and people and many distractions. Pets may not react to our hospital environment as anticipated. Even with the best training, environment, situation and precautions, fights and confrontations can occur.

We are not discouraging socializing, but please be conscious and courteous of others, ask before approaching and respect each others boundaries.

We have requirements for our patients in the waiting room as we want everyone’s visit to be a safe, pleasant and memorable one:

  • All dogs are to be on a short leash with a well fitted collar that cannot ‘slip off’. Keep your dog with you, not at the end of their leash.
  • Extendable leashes (Flexi) are to be kept SHORT and LOCKED.
  • If your dog requires a muzzle, please have it fitted and on before the appointment unless advised otherwise.
  • Small dogs, if not leashed should be confined in a carrier. If you are ‘carrying’ your small dog, they are still to be collared and leashed.
  • Cats should always be confined in a carrier. If you do not have a kennel, we can lend one to your for your visit. A fitted harness and short leash is acceptable.

If you do not have the appropriate leash/collar/carrier, we can lend you one for your visit, please notify us before arrival or check in first without your pet.

If you are unsure if your pet should arrive through the waiting room, notify us before arrival or check in at the front desk without your pet, we will always accommodate accordingly.

We thank you and appreciate your cooperation!