Dental Disease

severe perioA dental check is an integral part of an annual veterinary exam. Your pet’s mouth will be checked for loose teeth, inflamed and receeding gums, as well as plaque, tartar and odour. If dental disease is diagnosed, your pet will need to have it’s teeth professionally cleaned. In cases of severe gum disease and abscess, your veterinarian may need to extract affected teeth. It is always best to have your pet’s teeth treated sooner than later. By waiting too long your pet suffers unnecessary pain and may lose more teeth as a result.

The negative effects of dental disease aren’t restricted to the mouth. Bacteria hidden in plaque and tartar penetrate the gums. Once in the bloodstream, they spread throughout the body, causing damage wherever they settle. The kidneys, liver and delicate edges of the heart valves are particularly susceptible to bacterial invasion.

Diligent oral care, provided by you and your veterinarian, can prevent tooth loss and organ damage from bacteria. Your dog’s chewing activity also plays a vital role. To capitalize on the benefits of chewing, special foods containing fibrous material have been formulated to help physically remove plaque as dogs chew. Other diets contain enzymes that help break down plaque.

Toys can be an excellent dental care aid, if your dog will chew on them. There is a wide array of products available, ranging from edible chews to specially constructed dental toys.

The most effective way to provide dental care to your dog is to brush his teeth regularly, ideally on a daily basis. Specially designed toothbrushes and meat-flavoured toothpastes help make this an enjoyable event for your dog. We can give you a homecare outline on how to begin brushing your dog’s teeth. Just stop by and ask.

Even if your dog chews well and you diligently brush his teeth, he may still require help from your veterinarian. Make sure you have tartar professionally removed before bacteria from the mouth enter the body and attack the organs.

Your Pet’s teeth should last their lifetime!!