Cremation & Aftercare

Whether your pet passes away at home or is euthanized here at our hospital, you will need to decide what to do with their remains. We offer several options for your beloved pet:

  • Home Burial: bring your pet’s body home for an at-home burial
  • Cremation (provided by Precious Pet Cremation):
    • Communal cremation: your pet will be cremated with other pets, and their ashes scattered on twenty acres of peaceful country property in Manitoba. No ashes will be returned to you.
    • Private cremation: your pet’s cremated remains will be returned to you, either in an urn (see below) or a bag (for you to scatter, etc.)


Urn Selection

If selecting Private Cremation through precious pet, you may chose to your pet’s remains returned in an urn or in a bag and box (ie. for scattering or burying).

Granite Urns

Available colours: Crystalline – Sierra – Sand – Slate – Pueblo Sand (No longer available) – South West Sand – Serptine

Mother of Pearl Urns

Specialty Urns

Follow this link to view Precious Pet’s specialty urns (beginning on page 16)


Engraving is available on select urns.