Cats enjoy daily play. A cat that is not mentally or physically active can lead to ailments such as obesity, anxiety, urinary issues, diabetes etc.
Sometimes we think since a cat sleeps so much that they do not need to be active but it’s quite the opposite. It’s very easy (an inexpensive) to provide the ‘cats meow’ of entertainment for our feline friends.

-BOXES (cats are attracted to them like magnets!) Cut some entrance holes, create a fort or attache some together into a maze (with plenty of exits, especially in a multi cat home)
-think UP, cats love to be up high! Create shelves and perches, especially with a window view!
-Scratching posts are a requirement in a cat household. They allow a cat to groom their nails, provide a stretch, and help a cat communicate by marking their territory. A favourite spot for a post in near a doorway entrance (or in front of the window!)