Oh the weather outside is FREEZING!

We often overlook many things when trying to beat the cold but Don’t Forget the Pets!

  • keep pets indoors as much as possible, do not leave your pet outside!
  • antifreeze is poisonous! Keep stored away from all animals!
  • always thoroughly dry your pet when coming inside, wash and dry feet if exposed to salt. Do not let a wet pet outside! Use a low heat setting if blow drying to avoid overheating.
  • dress accordingly, coats and boots and keeping fur long to aid in regulating body temperature.
  • dress you and your pet in reflective clothing and accessories to stay visible especially when vehicles have an increased stopping time,
  • leash during walks, a pet can loose a scent in the snow
  • keep in mind if your snow banks are high against fences, these can create escape routes out of your yard

Winter is fun! Please keep it that way!